How will the public health system cope with serving the elderly who contract the Corona Virus?

Many people now have a confirmed case of Coronavirus. A few have mild symptoms, while others have been hospitalized and are suffering from severe breathing problems. They have been on a ventilator life support in some cases. Till now, there have been 36 deaths in the US from Coronavirus.

With Coronavirus spread being the first and in its preliminary stages, testing supplies across the US are limited. There is a lot to be learned from countries such as China wherein tens of thousands of Coronavirus cases have appeared.

Mortality rates among patients affected by Coronavirus in China hover in between 2.3% and 4%. Global mortality rates stay in the line of 3.45% while in South Korea; the figure is at 1%.

In the US, Coronavirus mortality rates vary by the age group and the trend stays the same in other countries. If we consider the case of China, Coronavirus mortality rates for those between the ages of 70 to 79 was 8%. For the ones above 80, mortality rates have been 15%.

Coronavirus is a contagious condition. In nursing homes, maintaining a clean environment and good infection control is hence very important.

Certain settings, such as two residents who share a single bathroom and have living spaces separated by a curtain bring in difficulties in terms of infection prevention. Another matter which has become a cause of concern is that visitors may unintentionally add to the risk of the spread of infection.

Caution plays a role in preventing the spread of Coronavirus. If you have a loved one at a long term care facility, then to safeguard them against the spread of the disease, one should undertake the following steps.

Disinfect your hands, and if you go visit the patient with children, make sure that they disinfect their hands as well. Delay the visit if you have any respiratory conditions, even a mild cold. Dimocks Family Lawyers Company makes a preferred aide for you and specializes in matters pertaining to family law and surrogacy.

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