God and Death – What happens to an atheist as they approach the end?

Do we have atheists in foxholes? It is not just a point to ponder but a question that has arisen time and again.  At a time as intricate as the deathbed, even non-believers turn to God.

The thoughts at the time of death are in general a frequent topic of research under experimental psychology. It helps us derive the conclusion as to whether our lives are actually based upon our belief system. It lets us define the extent to which our belief system renders an influence over our lives.

But in the case of atheists, it may actually be difficult to determine what they actually feel on the deathbed. Is it something apart from religious faith, or do they turn to God as well?

A few of the researchers have the opinion that atheists do turn to God on their deathbed, but that might be the only time wherein their faith is reaffirmed. 

Religion does offer a range of psychological comforts, but they do not stand to be a universal necessity. Researchers nevertheless frequently derive the conclusion that death makes the believers more religious.

Among the functionalities of religion is to safeguard an individual against the anxieties that accompany death. The believer is led to believe that death is merely the end of earthly mortality. Thoughts related to mortality hence enhance the devotion to a greater extent.

Conscious and unconscious beliefs of an individual who is an atheist may stay disconnect on deathbed. A non-believer may counter the thoughts of inevitable by strengthening his view of the world. They frequently harbor the view that denies the existence of supernatural entities.

There are numerous cases wherein thoughts of mortality turn the focus of non-believer towards God. Similarly, the belief of believers strengthens with such thoughts.

A distinction must also be made amongst atheists and agonists. They react to reminders of mortality in different ways. There are cases wherein an agonist does not turn to a higher power, even upon thoughts related to reminders of mortality. They instead lay their focus towards a secular cause, which allows them to live on after they are gone.

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